Key Features


Water By-Pass Cooling Tank

Reduces potential damage to the pump in bypass.

Pressure Gauge

Quickly monitor pump performance.

Hot Water

Save time with improved efficencies and performance. Used for removing grease and heavily soiled surfaces, destroying baked on chewing gum by melting and disolving it off the surface with all the heat you need.

Turbo Power

Increase the impact of the working pressure to the surface with a rotating turbo nozzle increased performace and output. This allows the machine to work at higher pressure with out needing to go to a larger machine. We increase the impact of the working pressure to the surface with a rotating turbo nozzle. A perncil point of increaseed pressure - ideal of cleaning mud of tractors ro deoing exposed concrete work. NOT great for car washing increased performace and output.

Light Duty

Improved efficiencies and performance at a lower cost for the smaller jobs. With out comprpmising on quailty and reliability.

Heavy Duty

Earn an income day in day out, continuous running, lower speed pumps means less wear on the pump internal parts to produce outstanding output and performance while having peace of mind that your unit will always be up to the task at hand. Reliable low cost maintenance.

Medium Duty

Stainless Steel heating Coil

The heating coil is made out of seamless stainless steel for complete corrosion resistance. Our large diameter heavy walled seamless coil is made for all Australian conditions.

Corrosion Resistant

Powder Coated Zinc Annealed Chassis Roll Frame with Hose Reel Mount for high corrosion resistance.

Electric Thermal Protection

Protect the electrical components from thermal overload. Work safely kowing that you and your equipment are protected.

Bypass Timer

Increase the life span of your machine knowing that your machine will turn off when not in use. Low maintence costs and less wear tear on the machine. Ideal in a large organisations with multiple users.

Longer Operational Life

Spitwater uses Interpump with ceramic pistons and a brass head running at 1450RPM (Low Speed). This means we get up to 5 times longer pump life. The non-corrosive pump head also means reduced maintenance costs for the life of the pump.

Higher Efficiency

The Oz-tuff Belt Drive provides 15% more power than a gearbox. No more Gearbox Oil Leaks (maintenance free).

Medium Power Electric

More powerful pump with 15 Amp plug for quicker cleaning times and higher flow.

Industrial Electric

High powered 3-phase motor for the highest performance in industrial environments.

Low Power Electric

This unit gives great performance without requiring a 15AMP or 3-Phase connector for maximum versitility in enclosed areas.

Diesel Powered

Go to places where petrol is not allowed, fuel refineries, mine sites, work safe. Already have bulk diesel tanks onsite use one type fuel for all your fleet. Used on many union sites where diesel is the only fuel allows.

Higher Flow Rate

Get the pressure to the ground with a high flow output quick and efficent cleaning saving time and money, remove bulk dirt and grime in half the time with increased water volume *Flow is what allows us to remove the debris that need to be cleaner. Increase that flow you get a better clean - the debris are removed quicker and easier*

High Pressure

With high pressure remove those stubon stains in half the time quick and efficient save time. Balance pressure and water volume for the unlitmate cleaning performace ( save water by cleaning jobs in half the time) The PSI or Pressure is the "punch" that the flow of water has. For cleaning a car we use lower pressure, for cleaning a truck we use some more and when we are doing exposed aggregate we increase even further. Too much pressure can damge the sub surface, and not enough means that the cleaning process takes too long

Electric Start

No more pulling on rip cords, improved health and saftey and ergonmoimcs, anyone can turn a key to start a pressure cleaner with little to no effort Is a great solution to OHS issues when you have a large team using the unit.

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