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Highest performance pumps made for the Australian environment. All pump components are constructed of the highest quality materials that are systematically checked and tested at every production stage. Assembly is performed with maximum precision so that the finished product will withstand the heavy wear-and-tear of industrial usage.

Water, together with the air and the earth, is perhaps the element that appears to us as the most natural, the one we believe we know best. But actually, in order to know the true strength of this stunning natural element, men must work with science and passion. Interpump is a company of men and technicians who live and work with water, a leading company in markets around the world.

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Interpump is today the world's largest manufacturer of high pressure washing pumps. The level of the technologies used, the sophisticated automation processes, the high quality standards, the research and systematic experimentation and the design all harmonize in a product universally considered a masterpiece of technology.

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