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AMA Precast

Application Snapshot - Precast Concrete

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The Problem

AMA Precast are an industry leader in the manufacture and supply of concrete precast panels.  The have just established a new purpose built manufacturing facility. 

With a dedicated exposed aggregate wash station that also lets them clean tools and rubber casting mats and then an outside wash down bay they needed two new units for the two locations

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The Solution

For the exposed aggregate and casting mat area we supplied the Spitwater HP201S 21 lpm at 3000 psi pressure washer – 3phase 20amp with both fan and turbo jet nozzles.

The outside wash bay is used for cleaned the casting forms a Spitwater HP3523 23 lpm at 5000 psi 3 phase 32 amp unit was used.

Both units were supplied with wall mount retractable reels with 20m of hose for improved operator & factory safety

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The Benefits  

To remove the soft concrete layer the 21lpm unit at 3000 psi is spot on.  Just the right pressure – with the fan jet a nice even removal.  When slightly more push is required they use the Turbo lance

When cleaning the rubber casting mats – too much pressure rippers them apart – so the 3000 psi again is just spot on.

For the casting forms – with semi dried concrete residue the 5000 psi makes short work of it,.  This leaves the forms clean and smooth ready to be stored or reused immediately.

This saves cleaning time, makes the forms last longer and provides the panel with a better finish requiring less rework.  Cost saving all round.  With our PM Program we have onsite servicing providing maximum uptime for them when they are pouring critical concrete.

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Recent News

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The Problem Citywide are a nationwide Facility services business, having contracts with many local government councils, and businesses. With a local Melbourne municipality, they needed a strike force vehicle to do local cleaning and graffiti clean ups. The vehicle chosen was a single cab ute, for getting down lane ways, local parks and small local business car parks and shopping centre strips. The Solution Having twin toolboxes to be installed either side of the tray – a rotomolded 220 litre tank was installed matched to a Spitwater HP251AE – 15lpm at 3650 psi key start Honda powered cold water pressure washer. This supplied water to a 20-metre hose on a retractable reel, passenger side mounted for OHS safety.  The tank was plumbed with a fast fill access at the passenger side and ultimately a shelf was installed over the tank for extra internal storage The Benefits A strike force vehicle with portable high-pressure water cleaning.  Being able to apply a graffiti removal chemical then wash off without needing to connect to a local tap – means quicker and accurate cleaning. With more efficiency has meant more sites cleaned in a day – better public presentation and less rate payer complaints. Operator safety was paramount with this build.  The key start pressure washer is located within arm’s reach of the rear, gun storage next to the angled retractable reel. User feedback has been the best design ever rolled out – operators love grabbing the keys to this ute!
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Caloundra Gardens Retirement Village
The Problem Caloundra Gardens is an independent retirement village located on the Sunshine Coast. With miles and miles of concrete roads that get a build- up of mold and dirt deposits. When the surface is wet it becomes slippery and unsafe for the residents and visitors. The owner wanted a quick and efficient way of cleaning the road causing as little disruption to the residents while maintaining a safe environment. The Solution Spitwater model HP2430AE, 40 Meters of high-pressure hose fitted to a hose reel and a 22-inch pavement cleaner. The Spitwater model HP2430AE petrol powered pressure cleaner requires 30 Liters per minute which is well above and normal standard town water supply. The solution was to fit a 200-litre water tank and plumb it to the unit which in return gave the user uninterrupted operation and guaranteed enough water supply for correct operation for the pressure cleaner. The Benefits Surfaces cleaned at half the time compared to before, reducing costs on labor and saving time while providing a clean and safe environment for all the residents and visitors. Presentation and first impressions are essential to having potential residents wanting to invest and call this retirement village home.
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Parts and Servicing
At Spitwater we recognise the importance of reliable equipment ready for work when you are. That’s why we have developed a “HASSLE FREE” servicing programme that will help keep your unit working when you are. Spitwater offers you a genuine pressure cleaner servicing program that has been specifically designed to reduce the down time and breakdown costs of running Spitwater equipment in your organisation. We can arrange servicing so you don’t even have to think about when it was last done or ring to organise a service call. We will work out with you how often it should be done and we’ll be there to do the job. When the job is finished you will get a check list showing what was covered in the service and we will report on your units condition. We’ll tailor a package to suit each of your Spitwater products individually so that you’ll be running your equipment as economically as possible without compromising quality. If you would like more information or want to organise for PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE Service, just give us a call on 1800 172 005 or Contact Us , our service department is always ready to help Backup/Support A full range of after sales service is also available when you purchase a Spitwater: A team dedicated to solving any issues with machines abroad Rapid dispatch of Spare parts to anywhere in Australia Over the phone instant technical advice equalling less downtime of your machine Repairs and Maintenance at our fully equipped workshop We believe that it is imperative to have a service/spare parts sector second to none in order to get your machine back into use as quickly as possible. For this reason Spitwater maintains an enormous assortment of spare parts where we have a dedicated Parts Manager and a Dispatch team to be able to fulfil our customer’s needs anywhere in Australia. In addition our fully trained technicians can provide technical advice over the phone. Surplus to servicing through our state branches, Spitwater boasts a broad network containing hundreds of Agents & Dealers across the country offering service and parts support. Trained by Spitwater technicians these agents and dealers provide backup and support for Spitwater customers no matter where they’re located. Need to find an agent or dealer near you? Use our Dealer Locator page to find one near you!"

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