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Navigating the Path Ahead: SPITWATER (OTTICO Equipment)'s Co-CEO Prue Martinotti in INCLEAN Magazine.

There is always opportunity in knowing your customers.

SPITWATER (OTTICO Equipment)'s Co-CEO, Prue Martinotti, shared insights in the January and February edition of INCLEAN Magazine, a leading trade publication for the Australian commercial cleaning industry. As part of the 2023 Industry Leaders Forum, Prue discussed the lingering effects of COVID-19, emerging trends, challenges faced, and outlined predictions for 2024, along with SPITWATER's strategic direction as a market leading manufacturer.

Reflecting on the past year, SPITWATER’s Co-CEO acknowledged that "2023 has been a year of adjustment post-COVID where the factory and distributors have pivoted and embraced a new set of rules that seem to be changing frequently – a new ‘normal’." Despite ongoing post pandemic challenges, SPITWATER experienced success with the introduction of the new brand name for SPITWATER’s floor cleaning equipment, VACSTORM, with more products to be launched in 2024.

Addressing the residual impacts of the pandemic, Prue noted, "the previously unpredictable supply chain has stabilised but there are still plenty of challenges with global price volatility, exchange rate fluctuations and labour and skills shortages, both in the capital cities and regional areas, affecting everyone." However, she expressed optimism, highlighting the reinforcement of the SPITWATER team with "muscle power and fresh ideas, experience and perspectives."

When asked about SPITWATER's strategy for meeting evolving customer needs, Prue emphasised the importance of engagement with a simple yet powerful response: "By listening and talking to our customers, business partners and teams. Knowing and understanding their needs, pain points and jobs to be done. Looking outside of the square and thinking and acting smartThere is always opportunity in knowing your customers." SPITWATER prioritises customer feedback, actively participating in events, expos, and field days across Australia to directly engage with users and enhance product innovation through feedback and talking with the users of the products directly.

With sustainability at the forefront of many business minds entering 2024, Prue confirmed SPITWATER's commitment to environmental responsibility,“The factory installed solar earlier this year and its upcycling and recycling programs are well developed internally, and with various business partners in our local area and beyond”. With society moving towards and demanding a more environmentally friendly stance for businesses to take, SPITWATER is taking the necessary steps to ensure they are doing their part.. “A push towards having a positive impact on the environment. Noise, emissions, pollution, safety.” Prue noted in the article when talking about what the big trends will be in 2024, further showing the focus and dedication to the environment and its people.

The article underscores SPITWATER's customer-centric ethos and its resilience in the face of challenges. As the company moves further into 2024, it remains dedicated to growth and progress, with a main focus on customers and its valued and dedicated teams.

For the full article by Co-CEO Prue Martinotti in INCLEAN Magazine, please visit page 60 here.

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