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Application Snapshot - Truck Cleaning

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The Problem

RABS Group work is to provide road & civil construction services. All of their machinery are backed by an experienced and enthusiastic team of operators and support staff.

Most of RABS client work is best conducted overnight.  This provides less inconvenience in public spaces and with a safer work environment. 

Cleaning of their equipment is then done in the early morning when the trucks and plant are returned to the depot.  The cleaning needs to be quick, yet effective as they have road grim, dirt and bitumen tar to deal with.

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The Solution

With a new wash pad being built a high flow cold pressure washer was the order of the day.  They use specific truck wash chemicals to deal with the bitumen tar and then wash with Bio Wash truck wash. 

As the wash pad is used at 5am it needs to be simple to use and provide maximum uptime.  A Spitwater HP201/S with 2l lpm flow and 3000 psi chosen for high use.  Adding a foaming bottle to allow for better chemical adhesion and dwell time was installed as well.

This was all installed in a container with external mount reel with 20m of hose and simple lance storage for simple operator use was KEY.

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 The Benefits  

High water flow has meant less brush work is needed.  This means that operators spend less time washing, impacting less paid overtime.

RABS are extremely proud of how they present their fleet for both presentation and maintenance levels.  Working with Bitumen tar is challenging as it stains and marks trucks and plant very quickly when left to build up.

Office staff fleet vehicles are also being cleaned more regularly, resulting in better image & less maintenance issues.

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Recent News

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William Adams CAT
The Problem William Adams have a large range of excavators and plant equipment for sale, hire and service.  They have two sites providing excellent coverage to the Melbourne CBD and surrounds. Being able to present equipment to hire clients clean and professional is key.  Their own Service Department need to clean so as they can access parts and conduct servicing. They have to clean big, fast & cost effective when dealing with heaps of caked on clay and debris. The Solution Having used a Spitwater hot wash 3 phase unit before – they invested in a larger model to increase the water flow and pressure.  The SW2021 at 21 lpm and 3000 psi was just the right unit.  They also invested in using a 20 metre hose for ease of getting around the machinery without having to move the pressure washer.  Adding a foaming attachment for non-touch cleaning to allow their truck wash better time on the machine to assist in removing the grime. The Benefits With water flow being KING the increased flow that this machine has provided - wash bay times have come down by around 25%. Improved wash bay through put has allowed for increased machine hire units ready to go out with no hold ups. The same solution was rolled out at both sites, making it easy for driver & operator to use the same units and set up when working at either site.
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Progressive Car Freighters
The Problem Progressive Car Freighters is a vehicle freight and transport service based in Bairnsdale Victoria.  They operate a fleet of vehicle transporters which all need to be maintained and presented professionally to reflect their business.  The hours put in cleaning this fleet quickly consumed any spare time and became costly with wages. The Solution Spitwater model SW21200DE, 21 lpm at 3000spsi diesel powered hot wash pressure washer, 50 metres of high-pressure hose in a top mount hose reel. This was setup in a dedicated wash bay which made the system easy to setup and use.  Town water supply at 21 LPM can be a problem.  This was solved by providing a buffer tank of 1000 litres. The bypass return was piped back to the buffer tank, so no water is wasted.To reach the high sides of the transporters, Progressive chose our 2000mm lances to reach those hard to get areas. The end of the lance was further enhanced with a multireg nozzle which also gave the ability to apply soap through the venturi system. Time for an Upgrade Progressive Car Freighters are not new to Spitwater equipment. They had a SW21200PE that they updated to the Diesel engine powered replacement. This unified fuel supply as per their transporters and a new unit for more hard work to come.  The old unit was serviced and a new lance and gun fitted and redeployed at one of their other sites. The Benefits A 50% reduction in cleaning times were achieved cutting costs on labour and freeing up time to perform the other tasks around the yard.   Working with Spitwater, giving a fast turn around service with no downtime.
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Largest Caged Egg Supplier
We are pleased to share one of our customer’s stories to give an insight into some of the applications that a Spitwater high pressure cleaner will perform. This particular customer is one of Sunny Queensland’s largest caged egg suppliers based just outside Toowoomba, Queensland. The Problem: They contacted Spitwater two years ago seeking a solution to efficiently clean their sheds to maintain high quarantine standards in order to prevent disease outbreaks and maintain general cleanliness. In the past they had been hiring standard high pressure cleaning equipment and trying to adapt the processes to suit their application. After conducting a site inspection the Spitwater team found a real understanding of the problems they faced. The property has twenty-five (25) x 100 metre long chicken sheds. Each shed houses several thousand birds over eight (8) x levels and they need to be cleaned and sterilised every three (3) months. The Pressure Washer Solution: Spitwater provided four (4) SW21200PE pressure washer units complete with 100 metre hoses on reels and foaming lances. This pressure washer delivers 21 litres per minute and 200 bar pressure, and was the perfect combination to provide the speed and efficiency required for the business. A sterilising solution is applied through the foaming lance from roof to floor and then easily washed down using the high pressure lance. These units have proven so effective in this application, this customer has just taken delivery of another four (4) units for a newly completed operation at a nearby site. THE AUSTRALIAN HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER Spitwater pressure washers are manufactured in Australia to meet the requirements and reliability needed for the tough Australian conditions. They utilise only the highest quality components from manufacturers like Honda, Kubota, Suttner, Interpump and PA making our high pressure washers the forefront of the industry. For more information on a specific unit to suit your application Contact Spitwater today on 1800 172 005

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