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Spitwater Gold Coast Opening

5 Fortitude Crescent, Burleigh Heads, QLD 4220

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What a year 2022 has been so far! I trust you; your family and any employees haven’t been impacted greatly by the weather events over the past few months and your business is doing well.

For more than 30 years our Gold Coast customers have mainly been serviced by our Brisbane store.

The Gold Coast has grown to be a significant Queensland regional centre over those 30+ years. The region is expected to continue its spectacular growth over the next 20 years.  Therefore, the team here at Spitwater have decided now is the time to support our Gold Coast customers, like you, by opening a full-service, Spitwater Gold Coast store.

It is my pleasure to let you know from early August this year, you will be able to visit your local Spitwater store on the Gold Coast. With 1100m2 of floor space where you’ll find the latest Spitwater models of pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers and heaters with a full range of parts and accessories.  

Our new store is at 5 Fortitude Crescent, Burleigh Heads, Q 4220.  It has great carparking and is easy to find. You certainly can’t miss the new branding and colours.

You will also be able to take your machines there for service and repairs.  Of course, our mobile technicians will continue to provide on-site services and repairs when you need it.

For directions to the location please click this link.

The store will open with a very experienced team of professionals:

Sales – Ben has been part of our sales team for more than 12 years.

Service & Repairs – Nathan has been with us for 10 years and is one our best technicians.

Mobile Services – Cameron, who you may already know, is our mobile technician. He has been servicing our Gold Coast customers for the past 4 years.

Parts & Accessories – Alan is your technical and parts man and has 26 years of service with Spitwater. He knows everything about our range of machines, parts & accessories.

For our customers, you will receive an invitation to our official grand opening in August. Our team is planning a few surprises and give away’s to entice you along.  Keep an eye out for your personal invitation.

For our customers, you will receive an invitation to our official grand opening in August. Our team is planning a few surprises and give away’s to entice you along.  Keep an eye out for your personal invitation.

Click this link if you want an invitation

Recent News

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Why We Use Interpump
For over 30 years, Spitwater has used only one make of pump in its high pressure washer range: the Interpump pump, produced by the Interpump Group. INTERPUMP – THE WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF HIGH PRESSURE PUMPS Based in Italy, Interpump Group S.p.A. is the world's largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps. The company was founded in 1977 as an ambitious project by the company’s founder, Mr Fulvio Montipò and was based on his vision about designing and building pumps that were more compact, quieter and easier to service. As his vision developed, Mr. Montipò, introduced substantial technical modifications to the product, including innovations such as use of full-ceramic pistons, which ensured a higher degree of overall pump reliability. This revolutionary design enabled the Interpump Group S.p.A to achieve the worldwide leadership from the early 1980's, with the company becoming the recognised reference point for the high-pressure pump industry and even for its competitors. The Interpump Group leadership has strengthened throughout the years mainly thanks to unparalleled quality standards, guaranteed by total control of the production process, starting from raw materials up to the finished product. INTERPUMP BRANDED AS GENERAL PUMP FOR THE US MARKET Interpump Group today manufactures pumps with pressure up to 500 Bar with 75% of its production destined for export all around the world including to the US, under the brand name of General Pump. In addition to this, the company has expanded its range of products through strategic acquisitions of brands such Pratissoli, the leader in the ultra-high pressure pump market. Unfortunately, like with everything these days, there are some common misspellings for Interpump, usually written in the two word forms and including: inta pump, as well as inter pump and intapump. However, the product should always be correctly referred to in singular form: Interpump. INTERPUMP – THE HEART OF ALL SPITWATER HIGH PRESSURE WASHERS Spitwater and the Interpump Group have grown together and are intrinsically linked, benefiting from each other’s experience in this highly competitive industry. As the world becomes smaller with the globalisation of markets, it is reassuring to know that Spitwater is the official distributor of the Interpump pumps and components in Australia. Spitwater exclusively chooses Interpump for the supply of high pressure pumps in it’s Australian manufacturing of high pressure cleaners. This partnership is delivering to Spitwater customers all the experience and strength of the giant Interpump Group in the heart of every Spitwater high pressure water cleaner. SPITWATER - PROUD OF ITS FIRST CLASS PARTNERS One of the areas that sets Spitwater pressure washer products in front of its competitors is its strategic alliances with industry leaders like Interpump, Honda, Kubota and PA Products. Spitwater is proud of the association with these quality brands. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact Spitwater or 1800 172 005
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Largest Caged Egg Supplier
We are pleased to share one of our customer’s stories to give an insight into some of the applications that a Spitwater high pressure cleaner will perform. This particular customer is one of Sunny Queensland’s largest caged egg suppliers based just outside Toowoomba, Queensland. The Problem: They contacted Spitwater two years ago seeking a solution to efficiently clean their sheds to maintain high quarantine standards in order to prevent disease outbreaks and maintain general cleanliness. In the past they had been hiring standard high pressure cleaning equipment and trying to adapt the processes to suit their application. After conducting a site inspection the Spitwater team found a real understanding of the problems they faced. The property has twenty-five (25) x 100 metre long chicken sheds. Each shed houses several thousand birds over eight (8) x levels and they need to be cleaned and sterilised every three (3) months. The Pressure Washer Solution: Spitwater provided four (4) SW21200PE pressure washer units complete with 100 metre hoses on reels and foaming lances. This pressure washer delivers 21 litres per minute and 200 bar pressure, and was the perfect combination to provide the speed and efficiency required for the business. A sterilising solution is applied through the foaming lance from roof to floor and then easily washed down using the high pressure lance. These units have proven so effective in this application, this customer has just taken delivery of another four (4) units for a newly completed operation at a nearby site. THE AUSTRALIAN HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER Spitwater pressure washers are manufactured in Australia to meet the requirements and reliability needed for the tough Australian conditions. They utilise only the highest quality components from manufacturers like Honda, Kubota, Suttner, Interpump and PA making our high pressure washers the forefront of the industry. For more information on a specific unit to suit your application Contact Spitwater today on 1800 172 005
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Spitwater Prize For Big Rig Of The Month
THERE is nothing more irresistible than standing back and admiring your freshly pressure washed, buffed and shined rig. For our Big Rig of the Month overall winner, Craig Ashford that feeling will now be a regular thing, thanks to the Spitwater Big Rig of the Month prize package which includes a Spitwater high pressure cleaner. Congratulations to both Craig and his wife Maree from Queensland who took the night shot titled 'Hard at work'. The beautiful photo which was chosen as the favourite by our previous Rig of the Month winners. The photo of the Kenworth K200 dubbed affectionately 'The Mistress' by Craig, netted a whopping 47% of the votes cast in the competition. The pair were given a choice between either the Australian made Spitwater electric driven 10-120C or the Spitwater Honda Petrol HC12-180P. It was an incredibly tough competition with some big names in the final five, including a Mack, two Western Stars and two Kenworths.

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