SPITWATER high pressure water cleaners are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing, de-greasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. Their main applications are in the cleaning, building, transport, light and heavy manufacturing and primary industries

Key features

Technical specifications

  • Pressure (bar):


  • Motor Fuel Consumption (L/h):


  • Motor Power (hp):


  • Pump Flow (L/m):


  • Pressure (psi):


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    spitwater, petrol


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Heavy Duty Petrol E/Start Cold
Model HP201SAE is a heavy duty, industrial, high pressure cold water cleaner. Petrol engine powered, it is designed and manufactured at the Albury factory. It features a Honda GX390 engine with electric start, coupled through the SPITWATER 'Oz-Tuff' belt drive to the Interpump WS202 crankshaft piston pump, operating at 1450 rpm, for ultimate reliability. With water pressure of 200 Bar (2900 psi) and flow of 21 L/min, it is a perfect, portable heavy duty cleaner for a variety of applications. It is ideal for daily use in large contract cleaning, large equipment fleet maintenance, as well as large earth-moving and property maintenance cleaning jobs to be done. Water cooling tank (unique to SPITWATER) on all industrial range, protects pump seals from overheating when machine is in bypass (trigger closed mode), ensuring longer pump life and less maintenance. SPITWATER cleaners offer high performance, efficiency and world class after sales service and spare parts back-up.