Spitwater high pressure water cleaners are specifically designed to solve all problems relating to washing, degreasing, descaling and disinfecting in a wide range of commercial and industrial situations. Their main applications are in the cleaning, building, transport, light and heavy manufacturing and primary industries. Spitwater cleaners offer high performance, efficiency and world class after sales service and spare parts back-up. Cooling tank (unique to Spitwater) on all industrial range. Protects pump seals from overheating when machine is in bypass (trigger closed mode) ensuring longer pump life and less maintenance.

Key Benefits
  • Longer pump life, non corrosive pump head
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Reduces potential damage to the pump in bypass
  • Stops debris from scoring pistons and seals
  • Easily monitor pump performance
  • Resistant to corrosion

Key features

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Highest performance pumps made for the Australian environment. All pump components are constructed of the highest quality materials that are systematically checked and tested at every production stage. Assembly is performed with maximum precision so that the finished product will withstand the heavy wear-and-tear of industrial usage.

Heavy Duty

Earn an income day in day out, continuous running, lower speed pumps means less wear on the pump internal parts to produce outstanding output and performance while having peace of mind that your unit will always be up to the task at hand. Reliable low cost maintenance.

Bypass Timer

Increase the life span of your machine knowing that your machine will turn off when not in use. Low maintence costs and less wear tear on the machine. Ideal in a large organisations with multiple users.

Technical specifications
  • Pressure (Bar):


  • Pressure (Psi):


  • Pump Oil Type:


  • Pump Model:


  • Nozzle:


  • Pack. Weight (Kg):


  • Pack. Height (Mm):


  • Pack. Width (Mm):


  • Pack. Length (Mm):



Did you know that we offer complete customisation on all of our products so that they perfectly suite your needs?