HS M 80



The VACSTORM HS M 80 is a manual walk behind sweeper with a cleaning width of 800 mm ideal for cleaning areas up to 1000 m². It offers perfect sweeping performance using two height adjustable side brushes sweeping waste from corners and edges in front of the cylindrical main brushes. The sweeper features innovative DUAL SWEEPING MODE (DSM) system for ultimate sweeping performance. The combined movement of the two cylindrical brushes, which rotate in the opposite direction, picks up and delivers waste to the rear container. thereby ensuring a more effective filling. The HS M 80 has higher productivity than the classic sweeping systems, and is able to collect different types of waste, including more bulky items, such as beverage cans and plastic cups. Large wheels, mounted at the back of the sweeper, guarantee excellent manoeuvrability during cleaning operation making the HS M 80 the ideal choice for cleaning driveways, gardens, sports facilities and common areas of apartment building. After use the sweeper can be easily stored anywhere thanks to its compact design.

Key Benefits

  • Large cleaning width - excellent cleaning efficiency
  • 40 L waste container - more sweeping time
  • Large rear wheels - excellent manoeuvrability
  • Compact design - easy storage when not in use

Key features

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Dual sweeping mode

The combined movement of the two cylindrical brushes, rotating in the opposite direction, ensures more effective sweeping action.

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Adjustable side brushes

Hight adjustable side brushes easily adapt to different surfaces for more efficient waste delivery and better sweeping performance.

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Large waste container

Large waste container at the rear offers massive 40 L capacity, allowing longer sweeping times before emptying.

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Ottico approved product

This high quality product is Italian-made to high quality standards and is Ottico approved.

Technical specifications

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  • Cleaning Width (mm):



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