JETFIRE Model DI25 is a direct fired, radiant Diesel space heater. Quiet and 100% efficient, this fully portable heater warms objects directly, like the sun. The heater features AISI 430 stainless steel combustion chamber with timed post ventilation for cooling, electronic flame control with photo-resistance sensor for increased safety and adjustable head, which can be locked in position to direct heat flow. JETFIRE DI25 is specifically designed to provide an instant, reliable and efficient source of heat for the industrial, agricultural, commercial and construction sectors. This heater is ideal for medium to large heating applications.

Key Benefits

  • Direct, radiant heater - Instant, sun-like heating
  • 25 kW output - Warms quickly and efficiently
  • Geared fuel pump: Positive, reliable fuel delivery
  • Large fuel tank: Up to 18 hours run time
  • Tiltable head: Adjustable heat direction
  • Frame with wheels: Portable, easy to move and use
  • Loads of safety features: Ultimate user protection
  • Italian built: High quality robust and reliable product

Key features

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Radiant Diesel fired

Diesel burner heats a sun-like plate which radiates outward, delivering instant, 100% efficient heat.

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Adjustable direction

Radiant head of DI25 and DI45 is tiltable. It can be adjusted for the best heating solution angle for your application.

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Quiet operation

Warm and quiet. Radiant heaters are up to 50% quieter than comparable conventional, air assisted heaters.

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Ottico approved product

This high quality product is Italian-made to high quality standards and is Ottico approved.

Technical specifications

  • Electrical Plug (A):


  • Electrical Phase:


  • Fuel Consumption (kg/h):


  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L):


  • Run Time (approx/h):


  • Heat Output (kW):


  • Heat Output (BTU/h):


  • Unpacked Weight (kg):


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    jetfire, diesel


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