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Remove all protein build up around the dairy easily with Spitwater, do yourself a favour and get an Australian made Spitwater to get to work for you helping you clean your dairy fast and efficiently.

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Spitwater pressure cleaners come in many models for different cleaning situations. You may have no power so you need a petrol or diesel powered unit. Or you may have 240 of 415 volt power to your site, either way we can help you choose the correct machine to suit you. Whether it is a cold water or hot water pressure cleaner you end up with at your dairy rest assured it will be tough and ready for every situation you can throw at it. The best way to cleaning any of the production area is using high pressure hot water unit, a cold water can be used but hot water makes the cleaning process even easier. The intense heat and pressure of the Spitwater will make this job to be done easily managed for either the owner operator, manager or the worker. The more pressure and flow we can deliver per minute the quicker you will finish the job to be done. The Spitwater range also has the options of inducing a chemical into the system to aid the cleaning process and remove all the protein from your surfaces, as in some dairies as you know some protein just needs help to get it off.

Some accessories that will aid and speed up your cleaning process;

  • High Pressure Chemical Injector- this enables all types of cleaning chemicals even corrosive sanitisers to be delivered into the high pressure water line and aid your cleaning process without harming your pressure cleaner
  • Hose reel- to store extra hose to make it easier to access all areas of your dairy. We have various models in both powder coated or stainless finishes, from spring retractable to hand and or motor rewind. Up to 100 meter length plus other sizes on request.
  • High Pressure Swivel- make it easy on yourself and get a swivel fitted under your gun to stop the hose curling up.
  • Longer hose- Standard hose is sometimes not enough 20, 30 or even 40 meters can assist you to get the job done quickly and easily. Off the shelf we have it in 100 meter lengths if that helps.
  • Turbo Nozzle- very effective cleaning aid to a cold or hot water unit as it chisels the grime straight off anything.
  • Short Lance- give the operator the ability to get into tough to reach places in and around all areas you have to reach.

Solution tip

When you are talking to our solution specialist please ask them what is the different to you in time if you purchased a cold water pressure cleaner over a hot water unit.

Compare solutions

Solution One

spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain

Key benefits

  • Longer pump life, non corrosive pump head
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • 15% more power available than a gearbox
  • No more Gearbox Oil Leaks (maintenance free)
  • Reduces potential damage to the pump in bypass
  • Stops debris from scoring pistons and seals
  • Easily monitor pump performance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Greater manoeuvrability over tough terrain



Solution Two

spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain

Solution Three

spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain
spitwater chain

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