SPITWATER diesel engine powered pressure cleaners have been designed from the ground up for heavy duty industrial jobs. They are ideal for applications where electrical power is not available and petrol powered pressure cleaners are either not preferred or not allowed to be used for safety reasons. SPITWATER diesel engine powered pressure cleaners are Australian made and incorporate 40 years of research and development. Our large range includes machines powered by 6hp, 9.5hp, 23.5hp and 33hp Kubota air-cooled or water cooled diesel engines - the largest range available on the Australian market. Three smaller models are supplied on frames with large pneumatic wheels for easy transport, whilst the big rigs are offered on large heavy-duty skid mounted frames. Other, larger combinations are also available on request. SPITWATER are the diesel pressure cleaner experts.

Key Benefits

  • Anodised crankcase and oversized
  • bearings
  • Longer pump life, non corrosive pump
  • head
  • Reduces potential damage to the pump in
  • bypass
  • Stops debris from scoring pistons and
  • seals
  • Easily monitor pump performance
  • Resistant to corrosion

Key features

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Oz Tuff Belt Drive

'Oz Tuff' Belt Drive power transmission - efficient strong and reliable timing belt, uses less power than a gearbox.

Technical specifications

  • Pressure (bar):


  • Motor Fuel Consumption (L/h):


  • Motor Power (hp):


  • Pump Flow (L/m):


  • Pressure (psi):


  • Unpacked Weight (kg):


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Did you know that we offer complete customisation on all of our products so that they perfectly suit your needs?